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Welcome to the inner mechanisms of my mind. I'm Lara and my interests in the supernatural and anime will be the death of me. Aries, hella gay, lover of words, strange and slightly deranged individual, nostalgic. ▲†☯♡ॐ Some of my loves are Emily The Strange, Brittany Murphy, The Addams Family, Marcelline The Vampire Queen, and Jeanmarco. About Me - Me - Music - Tags. Get lost.

"Happiness is a bloody knife."
- Slice of Cherry


C.L.U. // Daft Punk - Tron Legacy Original Soundtrack

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So insecure, so uptight
I break my neck to be polite

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catchy as fuck

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Sometimes, quiet is violent.

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Tove Lo ft. Hippie Sabotage // Stay High
Can’t go home alone again
Need someone to numb the pain
You’re gone and i got to stay high
All the time

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This is one of the best anime soundtracks ever (very movie like music). I love how this song basically has two moods in it, changing around 3:00. Worth of listening - all the way till the very end.

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Hearts A Mess // Gotye

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you’re my river running high
run deep, run wild

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This Song Is Not About a Girl // Flume & Chet Faker

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Fade // CRIM3S

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Hold On, We’re Going Home (Cover) // PiaMia

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Deadman Wonderland OP
One Reason by Fade

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